How To Freeze Bananas (Plus 15 Recipes for Them!)

How To Freeze Bananas (Plus 15 Recipes for Them!)


Bananas are a beloved fruit known for their natural sweetness and versatility in various recipes. However, they tend to ripen quickly, leaving you with overripe bananas that might go to waste. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide on “How To Freeze Bananas (Plus 15 Recipes for Them!),” we’ll show you how to freeze bananas properly and provide you with a treasure trove of mouthwatering banana recipes. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to save those overripe bananas from the trash and turn them into delightful culinary creations.

How To Freeze Bananas (Plus 15 Recipes for Them!)

Freezing bananas is a simple yet effective way to extend their shelf life while preserving their delicious flavor and texture. Follow these steps to freeze your bananas properly:

  1. Choose Ripe Bananas
    Start with ripe, yellow bananas. They should have a few brown spots, indicating that they are at their peak sweetness.
  2. Peel and Slice
    Peel the bananas and slice them into rounds or chunks. Slicing makes them easier to use in recipes later.
  3. Lemon Juice Bath
    To prevent browning, dip the banana slices in lemon juice. This step helps maintain their vibrant color.
  4. Portion Control
    Decide how you want to portion your frozen bananas. You can put them in a single container or separate them into smaller portions using zip-top bags.
  5. Freeze
    Place the banana slices in the freezer. Make sure they are arranged in a single layer on a baking sheet or tray for even freezing. Once frozen, transfer them to your chosen storage container.
  6. Label and Date
    Don’t forget to label your container with the date. Frozen bananas can last up to six months, but it’s best to use them within three months for optimal taste.
  7. Enjoy
    Now you have a stash of frozen bananas ready to elevate your culinary creations!

Banana Bonanza: 15 Recipes to Try

Now that you’ve mastered the art of freezing bananas, let’s dive into 15 delectable recipes that incorporate these frozen gems. From smoothies to desserts, you’ll be amazed at the versatility of frozen bananas in the kitchen.

1. Banana and Berry Smoothie

Blend frozen banana slices with your favorite berries, Greek yogurt, and a drizzle of honey for a refreshing and nutritious smoothie.

2. Chocolate-Dipped Banana Pops

Dip frozen banana chunks in melted chocolate, add some sprinkles, and freeze for a delightful frozen treat.

3. Banana Bread

Use thawed, frozen bananas to make moist and flavorful banana bread. It’s a classic recipe that never disappoints.

4. Banana Ice Cream

Transform frozen banana slices into creamy banana ice cream by blending them until smooth. Add your favorite mix-ins like chocolate chips or nuts.

5. Banana Pancakes

Upgrade your breakfast game by adding frozen banana slices to your pancake batter. They add a natural sweetness and extra fluffiness.

6. Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Top your banana and peanut butter smoothie bowl with granola, fresh fruit, and a drizzle of honey for a satisfying breakfast or snack.

7. Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Create healthy and delicious cookies using frozen bananas, oats, and a touch of cinnamon. Perfect for guilt-free indulgence.

8. Banana and Nutella Crepes

Fill crepes with frozen banana slices and Nutella for a decadent dessert that’s sure to impress.

9. Banana and Spinach Green Smoothie

Boost your greens intake by adding frozen banana to a spinach smoothie. The sweetness masks the spinach flavor.

10. Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins

Bake moist and tender muffins by incorporating frozen banana slices and chocolate chips into the batter.

11. Banana and Almond Butter Toast

Spread almond butter on toast and top it with frozen banana slices for a quick and nutritious snack.

12. Banana and Cinnamon French Toast

Dip bread in a mixture of beaten eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla extract, then add frozen banana slices for a delicious French toast twist.

13. Banana and Coconut Popsicles

Blend frozen banana with coconut milk and a hint of honey, then freeze the mixture in popsicle molds for a tropical treat.

14. Banana and Nut Smoothie

Combine frozen banana with your choice of nuts and milk for a protein-packed smoothie that keeps you full.

15. Banana and Chocolate Fondue

Melt chocolate and dip frozen banana chunks for an easy and crowd-pleasing dessert fondue.


Q: Can I freeze bananas with the peel on? A: It’s best to peel and slice bananas before freezing them. The peel can become difficult to remove once frozen.

Q: Are frozen bananas good for smoothies? A: Absolutely! Frozen bananas add creaminess and natural sweetness to your smoothies.

Q: Can I refreeze bananas after thawing? A: It’s not recommended to refreeze bananas after they’ve thawed, as this can affect their texture and taste.

Q: How long can I store frozen bananas? A: Frozen bananas can be stored for up to six months, but they are best used within three months for optimal quality.

Q: Are there any alternatives to lemon juice for preventing browning? A: Yes, you can use pineapple juice or ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in place of lemon juice to prevent browning.

Q: Can I freeze whole bananas? A: Freezing whole bananas is possible, but slicing them makes them more convenient for use in recipes.


Freezing bananas is a fantastic way to reduce food waste and always have this nutritious fruit on hand for your culinary adventures. Whether you’re making smoothies, desserts, or baked goods, frozen bananas can take your dishes to the next level. So, the next time you spot those ripe bananas turning brown, don’t toss them; freeze them and unlock a world of delicious possibilities!

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