10 Rudest Cities in America Exposed. Is Your City Among Them?

Known for its traffic and impatience, Miami kicks off our list of the rudest cities. Discover more about the Magic City's manners.

Miami, Florida

Seattle's rain isn't the only thing that can dampen your spirits; find out why it's considered one of the rudest cities in the country.

Seattle, Washington

The Big Apple's reputation may surprise you. Explore the rudeness that sometimes lurks amidst the hustle and bustle.

New York City, New York

While famous for its hot dogs, Chicago also has a reputation for some cold behavior. Learn more about the Windy City's demeanor.

Chicago, Illinois

Is LA all glitz and glamour? Not when it comes to politeness. Uncover the truth about Tinseltown's manners.

Los Angeles, California

Bostonians may love their sports, but they're not always known for their friendliness. Discover why Boston ranks as one of the rudest cities.

Boston, Massachusetts

The nation's capital isn't exempt from rudeness. Explore the dynamics that make D.C. one of the 14 rudest cities in America.

Washington, D.C.

The City of Brotherly Love doesn't always live up to its name. Find out why Philadelphia is on our list of the rudest cities.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Orleans may be famous for its parties, but not everyone's invited to a warm reception. Discover why it's ranked as one of the rudest cities.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Golden Gate City has its share of charm, but there's a flip side too. Explore what makes San Francisco one of the 14 rudest cities in America.

San Francisco, California

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