“A Terrible Place To Travel” 10 Destinations To Delete From Your Bucket List

Don't waste your time searching for Atlantis; it's nothing more than a myth. Explore real destinations instead.

The Disappearing Village: Atlantis

Skip the crowds and neon lights of Times Square. New York City has so much more to offer than this tourist trap.

The Crowded Chaos: Times Square, New York City

The Sahara may sound exotic, but it's just endless sand. Choose more vibrant desert destinations like Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

Deserted and Dull: Sahara Desert

Avoid the dangerous insects and diseases of the Amazon. Consider exploring Costa Rica's rainforests for a safer adventure.

Rainforest Misery: Amazon Jungle

Stonehenge may be mysterious, but it's also underwhelming. Opt for other historical sites like Machu Picchu in Peru.

Mysterious Mediocrity: Stonehenge

The smog in Beijing is a turn-off. Discover cleaner and more picturesque Chinese cities like Hangzhou or Suzhou.

Pollution Parade: Beijing, China

Hollywood's Walk of Fame is overcrowded and dirty. Visit real film history at the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot Tour.

Drab and Dirty: Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Mona Lisa is a tiny painting in a crowded museum. Explore the Louvre's other masterpieces without the hype.

Underwhelming Icon: Mona Lisa, Paris

Venice is sinking, overcrowded, and expensive. Try the charm of coastal Italian towns like Cinque Terre.

Lackluster Lagoon: Venice, Italy

Dubai's glitz can't hide its lack of culture. Experience genuine Arabian culture in Oman or Qatar instead.

Mirage of Luxury: Dubai, UAE

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