Forget planks — this standing ab workout blasts your core in just 10 minutes


Ready for a quick and effective core workout? Say goodbye to planks and join us for this standing ab workout that will transform your core in just 10 minutes.

Why Standing Abs?

Discover why standing ab exercises can be a game-changer for your core strength and overall fitness.

Exercise 1 - Standing Bicycle Crunches

Learn how to perform standing bicycle crunches to engage your core muscles and build that six-pack.

Exercise 2 - Woodchoppers

Master the woodchopper move to work your obliques and achieve a stronger, more defined waistline.

Exercise 3 - Standing Leg Raises

Elevate your standing leg raises to target your lower abs and get closer to that toned midsection.

Exercise 4 - Torso Twists with a Weight

See how adding a weight to torso twists can amplify your core workout and accelerate results.

Exercise 5 - Side Knee Crunches

Discover side knee crunches to strengthen your side abs (obliques) for a well-rounded core.

Exercise 6 - Standing Plank

Experience the standing plank, a dynamic alternative to the traditional plank that engages your entire core.

Exercise 7 - Standing Russian Twists

Add standing Russian twists to your routine to boost core strength and stability.

Exercise 8 - Standing Knee to Elbow Crunch

Master the standing knee to elbow crunch for a full-core engagement and increased calorie burn.

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