People who left toxic relationships share 7 lessons on learning to trust and love again

Self-Love is the Foundation

In this web story, we explore the first lesson shared by survivors of toxic relationships – the importance of self-love. Discover how taking care of oneself becomes the cornerstone of healing and rebuilding trust.

Identifying Toxic Patterns

Understanding toxic relationship patterns is crucial. This page attachment delves into the second lesson, helping readers recognize harmful behaviors and ensuring they don't repeat history.

Setting Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is essential. This screen highlights the third lesson, teaching readers how to protect themselves from further harm and create healthier relationships.

Seeking Support

Isolation is common in toxic relationships. Learn how reaching out for support, as discussed in lesson four, can be a lifeline during the healing process.


Self-discovery is a journey towards healing. Explore the fifth lesson, as survivors reveal how they uncovered their true selves and regained their confidence.

Embracing Vulnerability

Lesson six emphasizes the beauty of vulnerability. Find out how embracing vulnerability can lead to more authentic connections and renewed trust.

Love After Healing

In this concluding part of our web story, we delve into the final lesson – finding love after healing. Discover inspiring stories of survivors who found love again, once they learned to trust themselves.


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