The 11 Best Liberal Places to Live in America, According to Data


In this presentation, we'll unveil the 11 best liberal places to live in America based on comprehensive data. These cities and regions are known for their progressive values and vibrant communities.

Seattle, Washington

Explore the liberal haven of Seattle, Washington. Discover its thriving tech industry, commitment to environmental sustainability, and inclusive culture.

San Francisco, California

Dive into the progressive culture of San Francisco, California. Learn about its diverse population, LGBTQ+ acceptance, and innovative tech scene.

Portland, Oregon

Discover the unique charm of Portland, Oregon. Explore its dedication to sustainability, arts and culture, and progressive politics.

Austin, Texas

Uncover the liberal oasis in the heart of Texas, Austin. Learn about its vibrant music scene, tech startups, and forward-thinking community.

Boulder, Colorado

Explore the progressive values of Boulder, Colorado. Discover its outdoor recreational opportunities, commitment to sustainability, and educational excellence.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Delve into the intellectual hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Learn about its world-renowned universities, diverse population, and commitment to social justice.

Berkeley, California

Discover the progressive spirit of Berkeley, California. Explore its history of activism, innovative research, and cultural diversity.

Madison, Wisconsin

Explore the liberal atmosphere of Madison, Wisconsin. Learn about its strong support for education, healthcare, and social equality.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dive into the progressive community of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Discover its cultural richness, emphasis on education, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Uncover the liberal values of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Learn about its vibrant arts scene, social justice initiatives, and community inclusivity.

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