The Best Pilates Exercises To Do Every Day, According To Trainers


Discover the transformative power of Pilates with expert insights from trainers. Learn about the best Pilates exercises to incorporate into your daily routine.

The Hundred

Explore the classic Pilates exercise, "The Hundred," and understand how it can improve core strength and stamina.

The Roll-Up

Master "The Roll-Up" and reap the benefits of enhanced flexibility and better posture through this exercise.

The Single-Leg Stretch

Learn how "The Single-Leg Stretch" can target your abdominal muscles and improve coordination.

The Spine Twist

Discover "The Spine Twist" and its impact on spinal mobility and the flexibility of your back.

The Saw

Explore "The Saw" exercise and how it enhances rotational flexibility while targeting your core muscles.

The Plank

Understand the Pilates variation of "The Plank" and its benefits for overall body stability and strength.

The Swan Dive

Master "The Swan Dive" to improve the flexibility and strength of your back muscles.

The Teaser

Learn how to perform "The Teaser" to enhance your core strength and balance.

The Side Kick Series

Explore the "Side Kick Series" and how it tones and strengthens your outer thigh and hip muscles.

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