Top 10 Dog Breeds with Long Noses You’ll Love

Sleek and athletic, the Greyhound's slender nose complements its graceful physique.


The Irish Wolfhound's long nose is matched by its giant size, making it one of the largest dog breeds.

Irish Wolfhound

The Dachshund's elongated nose suits its small frame, perfect for sniffing out trouble.


With a long, narrow snout, the Borzoi combines elegance and agility


The Afghan Hound's long nose is matched by its luxurious, flowing coat.

Afghan Hound

Lassie, the famous Collie, showcases this breed's intelligent and elongated snout.


Known for its incredible scenting abilities, the Bloodhound's nose is its greatest asset.


The Weimaraner's long nose aids in tracking, while its silver coat catches the eye.


The Saluki's elongated snout contributes to its exceptional speed.


The Italian Greyhound's dainty nose matches its slender build.

Italian Greyhound

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